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What We Offer

Built with your unique needs in mind

3R Talent has a proven track record of building successful relationships in a variety of industries and functions, including:
Engineered Components
Alternative Energy

Our team specializes in recruiting Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, Program and Project Managers, Operational Leaders, Electronic Technicians, Quality Assurance Specialists, Technical Sales Professionals, and Procurement Experts.

We understand that every talent need has its own challenges and requirements. That's why we offer two different search solutions to fit your needs:

Engaged Search

Engaged Search Solutions

This solution is a middle-ground between the typical retained and contingent search solutions.

A portion of the total agreed-upon fee is paid at the beginning of the project, and the remaining balance is paid upon the completion of the search.

Contingent Search Solutions

This solution involves an agreement between 3R Talent and the client company with a determined timeline to fill the position.

The total fee is paid once the search has been successfully completed.

Reach out to a Talent Consultant today for more information on our fee schedule. 

Contingent Search

Additional Services

  • Dedicated Resume Services

    Need help writing your resume from scratch or maybe just some updating? We will provide personalized feedback and revision suggestions to help you optimize your resume and stand out to potential employers.

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimization

    LinkedIn is a powerful tool for job seekers, and we can help you make the most of it. We'll work with you to optimize your profile, showcase your skills and experience, and increase your visibility to potential employers.

  • Mock Interviews

    We provide mock interviews to help job seekers prepare for the real thing. We'll provide feedback on your responses, help you improve your communication skills, and boost your confidence heading into the interview.

  • Recruitment Team Training

    We offer customized training programs for recruitment teams, designed to help them improve their skills and stay up-to-date on the latest best practices in talent acquisition. Whether you're looking to improve your sourcing strategies, streamline your hiring process, or develop stronger relationships with candidates, our team can help.

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